Many products are advertised which claim to be effective against birds. BIRD SPIKES supplies to professional installers so we only supply systems which we know will work on a long-term basis, this rules out most of the products so widely advertised to the general public.The key starting point for any bird control project is to identify accurately the bird pest concerned and the effected locations. There will be many legal constraints on what you can do, which will vary from country to country. 

In most situations, bird proofing is the only legally viable solution and BIRD SPIKES are designed to protect buildings from bird pests in a humane yet effective way.

Their are 5 main categories which are used as professional solutions to bird pest problems:


The easiest type of bird proofing system to install, which is also extremely effective against most bird pests. The application is suited to any flat or rounded surface.


The only system that can work against all species, in virtually every situation provided the exclusion area is properly assessed before installation.


An easy bird proofing system to install which extremely versatile however it is now a somewhat dated solution which the bird pests quickly adapt to. 


The opportunities for successful visual & audio scaring solutions with urban bird pests are very limited, but can be effective in some special cases. If not installed correctly by a professional, it can very easily become an ineffective solution.


The use of control measures is also usually limited to the targeted removal of specific problem individuals. An attempt to solve a problem by the reduction of a population is unlikely to be successful and can result in great public hostility. Humane methods of control include air weapons and traps.